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Our 16 inch Britannia Cygnet pond yacht range has been informed by traditional free sailing English pond yachts of the mid 20th century. The design of the Britannia Cygnet includes a traditional hand-carved wooden hull with a tough stainless steel keel to help provide straight-line stability under sail


The Britannia Cygnet pond yacht performs extremely well on the water and is provided with a fully adjustable jib and mainsail allowing you to set her course. The Cygnet is small enough to be taken away on holiday and the fold-down mast allows the Britannia Cygnet to be carried easily under your arm.  

Britannia Cygnet pond yachts are all hand-carved from a solid piece of timber and finished in varnish or painted in a variety of different colours.  Hand sewn Dacron sails fill to provide the perfect aerofoil shape allowing outstanding performance for a yacht of this size. The Britannia Cygnet is the perfect little yacht for those who would like to try their hand at free sailing for the first time, the Britannia Cygnet can be sailed on swimming pools, ponds, lakes, and rivers. With such good performance, It is advisable that the Britannia Cygnet is sailed using a suitable tether. A wooden display stand is provided so that you may display the Britannia Cygnet when not in use. 


Please note that young children must always be supervised by a responsible adult when near water.

We are able to provide your Britannia Cygnet with traditional Cambric Cotton sails upon request.

Dimensions: Length 405mm, Width 102mm, Overall Height 605mm

Price; £95.00

The Britannia Cygnet is hand made in England

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