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Our Britannia Ghost is a 24-inch free sailing pond yacht that is a redesigned version of an  80-year old model yacht plan that was found purely by chance in a Devon curiosity shop. Ghost has been extensively tested to optimise the design and epitomises the classic racing yachts of the mid 20th century.


Ghost includes a rudder and counterbalanced aluminium keel, a hollow aluminium mast along with hardwood jib and mainsail booms. Ghost is a beautifully proportioned yacht with polished brass fittings finished using polished gloss paint and varnish.

Britannia Ghost pond yachts are all hand-carved and hollowed out from a solid piece of timber with a separate deck to aid buoyancy and reduce weight all finished in varnish or painted in a variety of different colours.  Beautifully hand sewn Dacron sails have been fitted to provide the perfect aerofoil shape giving an outstanding sailing performance.


The Ghost is the perfect pond yacht for the serious enthusiast, and can be sailed virtually anywhere the rudder can be fixed in position to help Ghost steer a straight line but with performance nearing that of much larger yachts, It is advisable that the Britannia Ghost is sailed using a suitable tether. A beautiful varnished wooden display stand is provided to allow you to display the Ghost when she is in dry dock. 

We are able to provide your Britannia Ghost pond yacht with traditional Cambric Cotton sails upon request.

Ghost can be fitted with Braine Gear if required.

Dimensions: Length 525mm, Width 125mm, Overall Height 865mm

Price: £395.00

The Britannia Ghost is made to order and to your specification and she is hand made in England

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