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The Britannia 36" R class racing yacht is a pretty looking 36-inch vintage free sailing racing yacht built using cedar lifts to form a round bilge hull,  this beautifully proportioned classic model yacht design of the early 20th century and is fitted with handcrafted Braine steering gear that will allow all points sailing.


The Britannia 36" R class is fitted with a large hand-carved fin and skeg that aids straight-line stability. The beech ply deck is fitted with toe rails and an opening hatch with a carrying handle beneath, the mast is of hollow aluminium tubing fitted with cedarwood jib and mainsail booms all fitted into a traditional mast step set inside the hull.  At 36 inches long she is small enough to fit in the back of most cars fully rigged but she is large enough to have superb sailing characteristics. A  gracefully styled pond yacht finished to a very high standard. 

Britannia 36"R class racing yachts are all carefully hand-carved using traditional bread and butter construction in Cedarwood and fitted with Beech ply decks all finished in a combination of varnish and paint finishes available in a variety of different colours.  Hand sewn Dacron sails are fitted as standard to provide the perfect sailing experience.  The 36" R looks as good in the office as it does on the water so a beautifully made wooden display stand is provided to enable you to display the 36" R when she is not under sail.


We are able to provide your Britannia 36" R class racing yacht with traditional Cambric Cotton if required.

Dimensions: Length 765mm, Width 150mm, Overall Height 835mm

Price: from £2850.00

The Britannia 36" R  class is made to order and to your specification and she is hand made in England

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