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The Britannia MM1 V is a 25-inch 1/2 Marblehead class free sailing racing yacht that is based on a Vic Smeed design of 1954, built using cedar with a round bilge hull provides a beautiful contrast with the beech deck, this is a sleek and well-proportioned model yacht that owes much of its heritage to the older classic racing yachts.


The Britannia MM1 V uses a simple handcrafted vane steering system, the hand-carved keel and skeg supplement the graceful lines of the MM1 V. The addition of a stepped aluminium mast and cedar wood jib and mainsail booms reinforce this yachts racing pedigree. Fitted with our vane steering gear she can truly sail at all points of sail. A beautiful Art Deco styled pond yacht with polished brass fittings and finished with polished gloss paint and varnish.

Britannia MM1 V racing yachts are all hand-carved using lifts cut from cedar wood and Beech ply all finished in a combination of varnish and paint available in a variety of different colours.  Hand sewn Dacron sails are fitted as standard to provide the perfect aerofoil shape allowing outstanding sailing performance. The MM1 V is the perfect stepping stone to the larger classes this yacht is for the serious yachtsman that wants to compete in the 1/2 Marblehead class. As the MM1 V shows a considerable turn of speed it is advisable that the Britannia MM1 V is sailed on a suitable model yacht pond. A beautiful wooden display stand is provided so that you may display the MM1 V when she is not in use.


We are able to provide your Britannia MM1 V pond yacht with traditional Cambric Cotton sails upon request.

Dimensions: Length 635mm, Width 140mm, Overall Height 835mm

Displacement 55oz

Price: £1650.00

The Britannia MM1 V is made to order and to your specification and she is hand made in England

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