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Our 8 inch Britannia Super Star pond yacht range has been specifically designed with young children in mind, they find them lots of fun to sail although it must be said that adults find them great fun as well! They are made in a wide range of appealing colours. The design of the Britannia Super Star has been inspired by the smaller French pond yachts of the twentieth century.


These little entry-level yachts are good performers a slight breeze will send them scooting across the pond. Sailing the Britannia Star will help spur your child into a lifelong interest in pond yachts!

Britannia Super Star pond yachts are all hand-carved from a solid piece of timber and finished in varnish or painted in a variety of different traditional colours.  A shiny stainless steel keel helps to keep the Britannia Super Star upright in wind and a fully adjustable wooden jib and main sails allows you to trim the boat to suit the conditions.  A small wooden display stand is provided so that you may display the Britannia Super Star when not in use. The Britannia Super Star is a great little yacht giving hours of fun for young and old alike, the Britannia Super Star is safe enough be sailed in the bath, or in the paddling pool, the Britannia Super Star can also be sailed on swimming pools or boat ponds. Please note that young children must always be supervised by a responsible adult when near water.

Dimensions: Length 204mm, Width 82mm, Height 365mm.

Price: £45.00 visit our shop for availability.

                        The Britannia Super Star is handmade in England.

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