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Our 10 inch Britannia Shooting Star pond yacht range has been specifically designed for more discerning children that favour having two sets of sails. The design of the Britannia Shooting Star was inspired by a simple vintage pond yacht design found on the shelf in a holiday cottage in South Devon.


These 10-inch pond yachts are very good sailors a light breeze will send the Shooting Star gliding its way across to the other side of the pond. 

Britannia Shooting Star pond yachts are all hand-carved from a solid piece of timber and finished in varnish or painted in a variety of different traditional colours.  A shiny stainless steel keel helps to keep the Britannia Shooting Star upright with fully adjustable rigging fitted with a bowsie fitted near the stern allows trimming of the sails for steering its way across the water.  A small wooden display stand is provided so that you may display the Britannia Shooting Star when not in use. The Britannia Shooting Star is a great little pond yacht providing fun for children and adults alike, the Britannia Shooting Star can be sailed, on ponds, or swimming pools, and even on small lakes. Please note that young children must always be supervised by a responsible adult when near water.

Dimensions: Length 254mm, Width 92mm, Height 380mm

Price £45.00

                    The Britannia Shooting Star is handmade in England

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