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Our 12 inch Britannia Pixie pond yacht has been designed by referencing the traditional free sailing English pond yachts of the Art Deco period. The beautiful curves of this  design is reminiscent of Ailsa yachts made in the 1920's using a hollow hand-carved wooden hull finished using a birch wood ply deck, fitted with a tough aluminium and stainless steel keel to help provide straight-line stability on the water


The design of the Britannia Pixie pond yacht allows her to sail like much larger yachts and is provided with a fully adjustable jib and mainsail. Pixie is still small enough to fit in the car and the fold-down mast allows the Britannia Pixie to be carried easily down to the water's edge.  

Britannia Pixie pond yachts are all hand-carved and hollowed out from a solid piece of timber with a separate deck to aid buoyancy and reduce weight all finished in varnish or painted in a variety of different colours.  Beautifully hand sewn Dacron sails have been fitted to provide the perfect aerofoil shape giving an outstanding sailing performance.


The Britannia Pixie is the perfect pond yacht for the enthusiast, and can be sailed virtually anywhere, but with good performance under sail, It is advisable that the Britannia Pixie is sailed using a suitable tether. A beautiful varnished wooden display stand is provided to allow you to display the Britannia Pixie when she is out of the water. 

We are able to provide your Britannia Pixie pond yacht with traditional Cambric Cotton sails upon request.

350mm long bowsprit to the stern. 460mm high from bottom of stand to top of mast. 84mm beam width.

Price: £195.00

                          The Britannia Pixie is hand made in England.

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