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Britannia Pond Yachts is a small company based near Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire we are dedicated to ensuring that the pastime of free sailing pond yachts is kept alive for future generations to come. We embrace the traditional methods of the great pond yacht designers and builders like WJ Daniels, and Vic Smeed, by designing our own range of model yachts.


Pond yachts have been sailed in this country since the early 1800's their popularity peaked in the inter war period and sailing pond yachts was the most popular hobby throughout Britain. This rich heritage helps to ensure that every yacht in our range is an outstanding performer under sail and incorporates the grace, style, and beauty of classic and vintage wooden racing yachts. 


Our hulls are all hand-carved using hand-selected CFC certified timber sourced from specialist timber yards.

Britannia North Star

A recently completed Britannia North Star 10 inch pilot cutter

To ensure that our yachts are all of the finest quality the majority of our yacht fittings are hand made from polished brass. Our sails are manufactured from either lightweight Dacron, or Cambric Cotton. We always use yacht varnish on all our products and our gloss paint colours are selected from the colours and shades of old England. 

We have not just designed a range of sleek quick sailing boats but have developed cruisers as well, that match the elegance of their forebears made over a hundred years ago with some of our yachts not just fitted with Bermuda rigs but also with a Gaff rigs as well.


We hope that sailing any of the yachts supplied by Britannia Pond Yachts will spark a life-long interest in the joy of sailing model yachts.

We sell our yachts throughout Great Britain, Englnd, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, The Channel Islands, Crown Dependencies, The Commonwealth, Europe and the rest of the World. We are able to ship for next-day delivery in many instances and can ship our yachts using a priority air freight service if required.

Hand crafted in England

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